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  • Shanghai Huilong Chemical Co.,Ltd.
    Now our company is going to promote advancement of technolog.. [2012/09/20]
    Shanghai Huilong Chemical Co.,Ltd. .. [2012/09/20]
    Shanghai Huilong Chemical Co.,Ltd.

    Shanghai Huilong Chemical Co.,Ltd. mainly engage in the production of mildewproof, decayproof, Electrical Stuff, UNGICIDE, dyestuff and pigment intermediates of naphthalene series and compounds of nickel and cobaet. The company is strong in technology, advanced in technique, complete in equipment and full in testing measures. The products are sold to more then 10 countries and areas, such as United States, Europe and South east, etc. The export volume of the company has reached 90% of the total output and the company has now become an export-orientated enterprise of a certain scale. The quality of the products is accepted by many customers both in domestic and foreign markets.

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